What is the difference between fractional cmo and interim cmo?

An interim CMO is hired with the intention of it being a temporary position, a bridge while a new permanent CMO is found, or due to some other interruption in the position; a fractional CMO may be a more dedicated or permanent addition to your team, but it works properly in the position if a full-time CMO is not. An interim or fractional CMO collaborates with sales leaders to capture leads, identify leads, and create training materials for sales. From content development to marketing automation and CRM management, an interim CMO can help develop lead generation strategies for all stages of the customer journey. We generally think of a fractional CMO as someone who joins for a continuous part-time position.

An interim CMO, on the other hand, steps in to save the day for a season or two. Launching a new product or service requires careful planning, and a fractional CMO can be hired per project to lead the initiative to bring something new to market. A fractional CMO is often the first high-level marketing leader in a growing company, helping to develop the right internal and external capabilities to help the organization achieve its objectives. A fractional CMO provides a quick solution to marketing needs and completes urgent marketing tasks while the company finds the right long-term option.

A fractional CMO is a part-time marketing leader for a longer period of time (often 18 to 24 months or longer). If you're a startup or an established small business that needs marketing leadership, outsourcing your CMO can be a smart solution. A fractional CMO can create a strong digital marketing strategy and implement marketing technology and tools that enable marketing automation, scale marketing programs, and help companies increase their revenues and achieve their marketing objectives more quickly. The main objective of a fractional CMO is to build the team and create marketing programs that generate revenue.

A fractional CMO is a part-time marketing executive who plays a leadership role for a longer period of time (often 18 to 24 months or longer) to help a growing company establish and expand its marketing function. A fractional CMO can quickly fill a vacant position while you carry out your talent search to find the perfect candidate or fill a position while on leave of absence. A specialized group of CMOs has begun to divide their intellectual capacity among several organizations, acting as subcontracted or fractional CMOs. An interim CMO position is a common solution for medium or large organizations that cannot operate effectively without an executive marketing leader.

The fractional model has long been a solution in finance and human resources and has recently become more popular for sales and marketing leadership positions. A fractional CMO can provide guidance and leadership at all stages of product commercialization, from product development to product launch for global distribution. Ultimately, a fractional CMO can help your organization hire full-time management staff, or you can advise a “rising star” on your team to take over the position.

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